The technique of Moroccan tadelakt

Tadelakt is a plaster texture used all over Morocco. It is wonderfully smooth to the touch and is used mainly in interiors and architecture. It is waterproof which makes it the perfect material to use in bathrooms and kitchens.


Tadelakt is formed using lime plaster which is crushed, then polished and treated with soap to form the waterproof surface. Before staying in a riad in Morocco I was not aware of this material. It was my first trip where I stayed at Riad Tarabel that I saw this material for the first time, it is used in many areas of the riad, it is so smooth to the touch.


I was so excited to spot the lovely tadelakt pots I have in the shop. It’s such a great texture and is perfect for storage of small items. I’m happy to be stocking products formed from this beautiful texture in my shop.


Read a detailed description of the technique at Tadelakt Marrakech


Small Orange Moroccan Storage Pot by Chabi Chic


natural straw bag

Example of tadelakt in The Secret Garden, Marrakech. The walls are treated with tadelakt giving it a soft warm feel.

Example of tadelakt in Riad Tarabel, Marrakech. The exterior walls, floor and pot are all tadelakt.

tadelkat storage pot

Small Mint Moroccan Storage Pot by Chabi Chic


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