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Tamegroute pottery is beautifully unique and exclusive to the Moroccan village of the same name. As the pottery is so unique I often get asked questions on how to care and use the pieces. I have answered some frequently asked questions below which may help you to get the most of your new pieces.

How do I wash the pottery?

As strong as Tamegroute pottery appears it can be quite delicate and care is needed when washing it. The pottery can be washed and is suitable for handwashing but I would not recommend adding it to your dishwasher.

I was my pieces with standard washing up liquid and scrub using a light sponge or brush. If you have a dipped piece and need to wash the unglazed part this can also be washed with a sponge.

Can I make an order request?

If you are looking for a specific size or item that is not listed I will be happy to source this for you. I have contacts in Morocco than can find or produce the item. Whether that is in a specific colour (yellow or green) or whether you would like a particulate size, let me know via the contact form and I will do my best to help.

Do you sell wholesale?

I do not sell Tamegroute wholesale. The family I buy the pieces from produce pieces at cost. If I were to sell wholesale this would not work for either of us.

If you are looking to buy in bulk I can put yo in touch with Abdel and he will be able to work with you directly.

Can I use the pottery to eat from?

Of course, Tamegroute is food safe and is used for food every day in Morocco. Most people do us the pottery to display food as the pottery is such a vibrant colour and texture.

It works great as a highlight to any dining table. The larger dished work really well as serving plates and bowls.

How long does a re-stock take?

I generally place an order for Tamegroute twice to three times per year. Shipping from Morocco is typically 6 weeks from order to arrival. 2021 has seen new challenges with Covid-19 and new customs rules so there may be delays during this period.

When circumstances allow I do travel to Marrakech to bring back pieces with me. I will announce via email dates of these trips therefore allowing customs to place specific orders.

Check in the descriptions of sold-out items for update estimates.

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