Making Portugal’s classic pastry at the Time Out Market.

I've had Pastel de Nata in London and not been particularly bowled over, but as I was in Lisbon I had to try the real thing and see if there was any difference. There was...the pastry was a little salty, the custard full of flavour. I was hooked, then I saw that there was a cooking class at Time Out Market and couldn't think of a better way to spend 2 hours.

The market is a hive of energy with food stalls selling everything you would want to eat, the class was in the academy kitchen in the middle of the market. We put on our aprons and followed instruction on how to make the little pieces of heaven. I made 10 in total and as you can see below they are far from the real thing. My dough was too thick, my custard not enough. Think more practice is needed.

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The image below is how pastel de nata is supposed to look. This tray of delights is from Manteigaria the bakers are thought to produce some of the best in Lisbon. They should be crispy and light and filled with creamy custard.

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