Kintsugi Yellow Tamegroute Plate


This yellow Tamrgroute plate was chipped and has been repaired using the Japanese technique of Kintsugi. The art of Kintsugi which translates as ‘golden repair’ it celebrates the flaws in objects, the history and its repair is something which is not hidden but highlighted with the gold details. 

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This Moroccan Tamegroute plate is handmade and was chipped in transit. The repair was made with epoxy resin and gold powder. The plate can be used to display items but it is not food safe and therefore not suitable to eat from. 

This beautifully textured plate is handmade in Tamegroute, Morocco. As Tamegroute is handmade every piece has its own characteristics which adds interest to the pottery. Each piece has its own story to tell.

Tamegroute pottery is unique to the village of Tamegroute in the south of Morocco. This style of pottery is usually green, this special yellow version is a new take on the tradition of Tamegroute.

The plate should be cleaned with a damp cloth. This plate can not be microwaved and is not dishwasher safe.

Dimensions Dia: 17.5 cm

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Dimensions 17.5 × 17.5 cm



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