Vintage Moroccan Sabra Rug – Blue

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Made from Sabra, this stunning blue rug is embroidered with Berber motifs. Beautifully handmade, each piece is unique to the weaver. Sabra will get even softer over time.

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This Berber rug is a beautiful blue which is a colour that takes me back to the blue of the Jardin Majorelle, the first time I visited the gardens I wanted to bring something back in this colour back with me to London. It is a vivid blue which will lift any home. It is beautifully soft and full of character.

This rug is around 10 years old.

The rug is woven with Berber motifs. In Berber culture, each pattern and motif tells a story. Berbers are nomadic farmers, shepherds and goatherds who travel around Morocco in communities. The patterns are used to distinguish the origins of the tribe, and it is passed down through generations. The original “travelling salesman”, Berbers take pride in their history and their craft. They would typically de-camp to Marrakesh to sell their wares, in Moroccan souks (street markets), after which they move back to their nomadic life in the mountains.

L: 148 x W: 94cm

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Dimensions 148 × 94 cm







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