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This month I’m taking a look at how we can introduce natural textures into the kitchen. I have picked out some of my favourite examples of this and how mixing and matching can make a kitchen feel inviting to touch and add warmth.

studio ezra kitchen

Studio Ezra Georgia Ezra and Richard Morris bought this house and gutted the whole place. Inspired by Moroccan and Spanish design they re-designed and re-built the interior with those influences in mind.

You can feel the influence of Moorish design in this kitchen, with the simple cabinet style and the textural elements of the floor and rug. The tones of the space are all relatively similar but the varying textures add depth. The zellige wall tiles add a lovely shine to the wall.

Photo: Studio Ezra

Simo Design created this kitchen as part of a complete house re-design in California. I love the commitment to texture here. The plywood on the walls is a brilliant way of creating an interesting wall texture. I’m not sure I have seen this in a kitchen before and nut I’m a big fan. The tone of the plywood matches the cabinets really well as they are both warm in the base.

The central workshop table is a perfect central feature for this kitchen. It is a perfect contrast to the neat textures around the perimeter.

Photo: Simo Design

Serrano kitchen
dusty turquoise kitchen

This pistachio green kitchen is designed by Blakes London specialists at crafting kitchens. It is a great example of how to use a strong colour whilst keeping the space calm. The textural mix of timber, marble, and brass is a perfect balance of heavy and light materials.

The glass cabinets add a further sense of lightness. The interior of the cabinets is a herringbone tile, another material but the tone of the tiles blends in well with the rest of the kitchen.

Photo: Blakes London

This kitchen by Jill Egan is a perfect mix between modernity and a classic country kitchen. The textured timber adds history and depth to the kitchen whilst the minimal units add a modern feel. there is a really nice tonal mix to this kitchen, just subtle changes of textures.

The walls are not completely smooth which means that the space feels less cold, and the corners are slightly rounded and not sharp. I also love the flooring. Natural stone tiling is a great way of bringing in the outdoor feel, and a feeling of the irregular with each tile having its own shape.

Photo: Laura Resen

egan milieu kitchen

This kitchen owned by Aaron and Erin Bruno, profiled by SF Girl By Bay is a perfect example of how to incorporate dark cupboards in a kitchen. The lightness of the wall and the open shelving prevents the kitchen from feeling heavy and dark.

The pottery and objects they have on the shelving are a lovely mix of textures, terracotta, woven baskets, and green glass. Along with the patterned tiled floor, they have added texture by using rugs which also add warmth. Shop home decor for your shelf display.

Photo: Lily Glass


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