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  • Tamegroute Green ceramic bowl. A deep green cookie with a gloss glazea stack of many green tamegroute bowls sourced from morocco

    Moroccan Tamegroute Medium Green Bowl

  • Traditional Tamegroute Green medium sized plate hand made in Moroccoblank

    Moroccan Tamegroute Medium Green Plate

  • blank

    Tamegroute Seconds


    Moroccan Tamegroute Small Green Bowl

  • green tamegroute moroccan small vasetamegroute small vase we are nomads 3

    Tamegroute Flower Vase

  • Dark yellow pottery bowl with jagged edge on a pedestal basetamegroute pedestal bowl we are nomads 2

    Tamegroute Henna Bowl

  • Tamegroute platter in green with a gloss glazeblank

    Tamegroute Platter

  • yellowish green candlestick sourced from moroccosmall green ceramic candlestick with an orange st eval candle in

    Olive Green Tamegroute Candlestick

    small green candlestick made in tamegroute mororroa close up of a green candlestick made in morocco in the village of tamegroute

    Green Tamegroute Candlestick

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    tamegroute half white half green vase for flowers and plantsDIPPED-GREEN-VASE

    Moroccan Tamegroute Green Dipped Vase


Tamegroute pottery is one of Morocco’s richest product. Crafted with love in the charming village of Tamegroute, these vibrant green and yellow masterpieces are thrown through an ancient magical process. Each piece tells its own story, with delightful marks and textures created during their firing. This pottery isn’t like any piece pottery; it’s a living testament to Tamegroute’s rich history. Passed down through generations, it embodies the perfect blend of traditional techniques and creative brilliance.

Imagine wandering through the picturesque village of Tamegroute, where narrow streets whisper secrets of skilled artisans moulding clay into magnificent works of art. From humble beginnings to international acclaim, Tamegroute pottery embodies the spirit of Morocco’s artistic heritage and the sheer brilliance of its craftsmen.