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What is the meaning behind kintsugi?

Kintsugi repair has been a traditional art in Japan for centuries. The craft focuses on repair as a celebratory and restorative act. Broken ceramics and pottery represent life, we repair and celebrate our flaws rather than hide them away. Kintsugi is translated as “Golden joinery” a beautiful story to give to special pieces.

Kintsugi is traditionally repaired using lacquer and gold. This technique is incredibly intricate and specialist and there are services that repair this way. I use the modern technique of using Epoxy resin to fix broken pieces to a similar effect.


Epoxy resin repairs: How does it work?

I use two types of resin depending on the needs of my customers. The two types of repairs I work on are food-grade repairs and standard repairs. Food-grade SigWong resin allows the pottery to be used for food going forward. This non-toxic resin is wonderful for repair. The standard repair is made with two-part resin from Araldite.

How much is Kintsugi repair?

I want everybody to be able to save their most loved pieces. I’ve repaired everything from Jade ornaments all the way to favourite coffee mugs. Repairs are priced from £20 for a 2-3 piece break and rise to £100 for breaks over 15 pieces. I can provide quotes and advice on any repairs.


How do I book a repair?

Starting the process of repair is simple. I work on projects all over the UK. Simply count the pieces of your broken item and select the correct option from the dropdown menu on the product page.

When you have booked, you will need to package up the pieces and send the package to me in Manchester. When your piece is repaired I’ll post it back to you, ready for its new story in your home.

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    Kintsugi Repair

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