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Giving ceramics a new story with Kintsugi repair.

We’ve all experienced it: accidentally knocking over a vase or dropping a fragile bowl. Ceramic breakages can be quite a nightmare, especially when the damaged piece isn’t even yours.

A few years back, I faced a similar predicament and turned to Kintsugi repair. Now, I offer this service to others in the same situation. Kintsugi repair involves patience and meticulous care. It’s a way to honour an object’s history, celebrate its story, and give it a fresh lease on life.

I’ve successfully restored numerous ceramics for customers using gold resin, producing excellent results. If you find yourself in need of a repair, fear not; I can help salvage that cherished pottery piece. Read about the repair service and how we can breathe new life into your beloved ceramics.

Above: Unfortunately, this exquisitely handmade bowl shattered into four pieces. David, my customer, reached out for assistance. Given the bowl’s clean and simple design, it perfectly suited the elegant gold lines of Kintsugi. Repairing it was a delight, and David expressed his satisfaction, saying, “Thank you so much, it is wonderful.”

Below: Sophie contacted me with a request to restore a piece of great sentimental value. This Spode Italian Blue pedestal bowl had belonged to her grandmother and regrettably broke into numerous fragments.

This marked the most extensive repair I’ve undertaken to date, a true labour of love. Happily, it now stands proudly restored, and Sophie was thrilled with the outcome, remarking, “It looks so fantastic, thank you!!”

Below: Crafted in Japan, the birthplace of Kintsugi, this exquisite bowl suffered a fracture, dividing it into two pieces. Although a two-piece break may seem straightforward, the bowl’s delicate nature presented a challenge. The ceramic’s smoothness necessitated a gentle sanding process to establish a suitable adhesive base.

Along with customer kintsugi repair, I have repaired ceramic objects available to buy. All wonderful handmade pieces are made good with an age-old technique. The story is key to Kintsugi, a piece with gold lines will always create conversation.

If you have a piece that needs fixing, send an email to [email protected] for any questions or book your repair below.



  • blank Ali Pavic says:

    Hi There,

    I have a ceramic Italian platter that requires repair and wondered if you take on repairs at all? Any details on your location and costs for arranging Simone to fix my very new and sadly clumsily broken item would be greatly appreciated.

    I am based in London and came across your website while trying to find a skilled ceramicist to help with this repair job.

    Thank you!

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