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Nomad Stories with AAKS

Nomad Stories with


Akosua Afriyie-Kumi is the multi-talented lady who created the handbag brand A A K S. Based in Ghana Akosua oversees a team of weavers in Nothern Ghana who create her designs with fine attention to detail.

Prior to starting her Brand Akosua studied and lived in London, I was keen to find out how her brand has developed since moving back to Ghana and how much her environment has influenced her work.

_Where do you call home?

Home is the city of Kumasi in Ghana, where I grew up. Lots of greenery which I absolutely love.

_Did you notice a big change in Ghana on your return from London?

Yes absolutely, there’s a renewed appreciation for the arts, design and technology! 

_ What was the first place you travelled to and fell in love with?

South Africa – Cape Town is an absolute dream. The ocean views, the food, the weather and the vibe is just great.

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_ Do you tend to return to places again and again or do you aim to visit a new place each holiday?

I love returning to places with my family that we are fond of, but I love exploring new places too.

_ Do you collect any objects from your travels If so, what has been your favourite find and why?

I love collecting postcards from each country that I visit. I have so many. I have 1 from Dubai with the skyline and the postcard is on my bedroom mirror and is always reminiscent of my trip.

_ Has your creative career been inspired by Ghana?

Absolutely I take inspiration from everything around me. Be it colour, the sun, clothes, or people. I love being inspired always in Ghana.

_ How different would your brand be if you stayed in London?

I don’t think I would be as bold with colour as I am now living in Ghana. You see many people wearing a lot of clashing colours in their everyday wardrobes and you don’t see this in London. So truly inspired by that.

_Tell me about your favourite travel memory?

Cape Town with my family in our seafront villa overlooking the beach and the beautiful views. We stayed on the balcony till early morning this is one of my fav travel memories.