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Nomad Stories with

Micaela Sharp

Micaela Sharp is a woman after my own heart. An interior designer, upholsterer and passionate traveller, she brings a sense of joy and warmth to everything she does. I first came across Micaela on Interior Design Masters on BBC 1 it’s a show I never miss, and it was a pleasure to see someone so relatable make her way through each challenge.

Along with interior design work, TV and writing, Micaela is an expert upholsterer and has recently launched a course on Create Academy. Alongside her upholstery studio, she also created a range of beautifully made cushions in Studio Janettie with Charlotte Beevor.

After all that I’m sure you’re thinking, wow I would need a holiday after all that work and Micaela makes a point to ground herself in her travels and take time out. It’s an exciting time for Micealas as she has recently taken the brave step to relocate to Spain and become a nomad whilst she houses hunts, follow her journey on her Instagram page. I spoke to Micaela about her favourite travel memories and which trips have inspired her work.

Feature photo by Ella Fielding / Content photos by Micaela Sharp

_ You work so hard to create homes for other people, where do you call home?

At the moment I am nomadic! I sold my London flat at the start of the year and plan on moving to Spain. Growing up my family would spend summers in Spain so I have a fondness for the country and its culture. I’m writing this from the Spanish countryside where I plan on spending the winter looking at properties.

_ Which of all your homes over the years holds your most treasured moments and why?

I grew up with my grandparents in a beautiful house in Sidcup. They never moved house so I lived there my whole childhood and most of my memories centre around the aesthetic there. My nan didn’t really have an eye for design but she loved colour and pattern and so chose wallpapers and fabrics that brought her joy. My grandparents have since passed away but I really treasure the furniture I inherited from our home.

_ What was the first place you travelled to and fell in love with?

I was lucky enough to go on holiday with my family quite regularly but we always returned to Spain, eventually, they bought property there so every summer was spent in our Spanish home, eating seafood, playing on the beach and soaking up the sights and smells. I’m a bit of a water baby and would spend hours in the pool, only coming out to snack! My current obsession is The Marbella Hotel & Spa designed by EMCI Design Studio.

_ Do your travels inform any of your design work?

Absolutely! Finding areas on my travel that have distinct styles is very inspirational. Whether it’s the architecture, the tiles or the plants there is always something to take in which can spark a new design idea within my work. Most notably I love Portuguese Azulejo tiles, Spanish ceramics, and Indian textiles. See our Indian block printed cushion.

_ Do you collect any objects from your travels If so, what has been your favourite find and why?

I’m always trying to shoehorn something into my suitcase at the end of a trip! Usually, it’s textiles or ceramics. I bought a beautiful antique tea caddy in Thailand. Most trips will involve a trip to a market or antique hub so that I can explore, photograph and probably buy too many things!

_ You went to Thailand earlier this year, how important was that trip in your life at that time?

Thailand was a really significant trip for me. I spent 4 months there after my divorce as I wanted to ground myself in nature and spend time focusing on myself and my spirituality which I hadn’t had the time to explore in London. Being back in Thailand gave me the opportunity to live with real intention.

I focused a lot on meditating, painting, eating healthily and trying new experiences such as reiki. That time was invaluable. Whilst I know it’s privileged to have the opportunity to travel so extensively I would encourage everyone who’s able, to do the same.

_ Where do you long to travel to and why?

I would love to travel to South America more. Now that I’m learning Spanish, I’d love to go to Columbia, Chile and Peru. Trekking Machu Pichu is top of my list.

_ I have been on quite a few solo trips, is that something you have down before?

Yes, most of my trips are solo at the moment. I love travelling alone. I can seem scary at first but it’s great to have total freedom. I read a lot and get into a real self-care routine which I think is easier when you’re on your own.

Luckily my friends are always keen to fly out and say hello so when I’m doing longer trips they are peppered with pals. Now that I’m in Spain and hoping to move here I have realised I need to try more group activities so I may book some supper clubs or group tours to expand my local network.

_ Tell me about your favourite travel memory?

Ahh, there are too many to choose from! Every day when you’re travelling is an opportunity to learn something new about the world or about yourself. I think it’s the things I learn about myself that I cherish the most.