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Morocco is an assault on the senses

It is a labyrinth of discoveries, souks, riads and gardens all hidden away waiting to be discovered. Get lost amongst the terracotta, saffron and pink hues of the medina and find respite in the lush green gardens. Morocco is a country proud of its crafts and artistry, it is an inspiring place to be and I hope to evoke a sense of the country.

This collection is inspired by the buttery soft Tadelakt walls of courtyards in hidden riads. Walking through corridors with a promise of light at the end. Coloured tiled floors, complete with cracks and the remnants of broken tiles.

The blue skies above are cloudless allowing the sun to fully saturate the city. Baskets overflowing with warm bread fresh from the oven, ready to be eaten alongside spice-filled specialities served on rich green Tamegroute pottery. Marrakech has a soft colour palette waiting to be discovered.

blue ceramic safi bowls
tadelakt tarabel

I was inspired by the beautiful softness of Tadelakt walls, the beautiful Moroccan plasterwork has such a beautiful patina and the slightest cracks in its surface.

The most intricate door I have ever seen. This is the doorway in the Sultan’s study and the Secret Garden in Marrakech.

copper mirrors
small safi bowl

The architecture at El Badii Palace is just perfection. The arch’s, the plaster walls, the tiled floor with inlaid green highlights…I couldn’t get over how beautiful this former palace in Marrakech is. It was built in 1593, is that isn’t proof that design ensures I don’t know what is. Just look how beautiful the ancient wooden door at the end of this corridor is.

arches at el badii palace
orange trees

Marrakech has many gorgeous orange trees in the city and famously has many a fresh orange juice stand.

Baskets are everywhere in Morocco, they are the perfect way to bring natural elements into your home. These storage basket was handmade in Morocco from palm leaf.

They are great to store everyday items in and has two straw handles to the side. Made from palm leaf the baskets have a natural patina which will settle over time.

woven storage baskets
majorelle artwork for walls

The original owner and creator of Marjorelle Gardens was the artist Jacques Majorelle and his wife Andrée Longueville.

Majorelle decided to re-paint the villa in a blue tone he had seen whilst residing in Morocco. He decided to develop is own pigment in 1937 which took his name ‘Majorelle Blue’ and preceded to paint the house and walls of the gardens this vibrant shade.