Anybody who has visited Morocco will notice that many of the roofs in the Medina have rich green roof tiles which resemble pots that have been sliced in half. These roof tiles are handmade as are the green Zellige floor tiles used in the Al-Attatrine Madrasa in Fes, another ceramic product ubiquitous in Moroccan architecture.


I really wanted to capture that detail in my range of Moroccan ceramics, the green is such a deep beautiful colour, it looks stunning as a backdrop to food. As I walked around the Medina of Marrakech I happened upon Potier de Tamrgroute, craftsmen who create the pottery in the village of Tamegroute in the south of Morroco.


The green and yellow ceramics are unique to Tamegroute, the formula of this pottery is a closely guarded secret. Designed and made in the village, the green and yellow finishes are formed using an ancient process which remains unchanged. Each piece is unique with its own marks and textures which are created during the firing process. The three marks which appear on each piece of pottery are an example of this.