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We are on a mission to create a sustainable income for makers who want to showcase their work and create a comfortable livelihood for themselves and their families.

Timeless crafts by modern artisans 

As a person of African heritage, my dad is from Ghana and my mum is mixed English and Nigerian, I always had a second-hand connection with Africa. My earliest memories of African culture are of the beautiful dresses and fabrics worn by my aunties and family friends. That was Africa for me, colour and pattern, vibrant, each one telling a story.

With this in mind, I wanted this shop to connect with and celebrate this colour and life coming out of Africa. Growing up in Europe most images of Africa were that of LiveAid and Comic relief. Charity drives looking to raise money for various countries and situations, however, there is more to the story of Africa.

Many crafts that take place in Africa have been handed down from family to family for many years. Expert artisans who have learnt specific techniques which are impossible to replicate industrially. This death of knowledge is something that I want to celebrate and uplift.

These talented artisans deserve to be seen as just that, talented and not in need of charity but in need of the spotlight. Their work needs to be seen by as many as possible as an antidote to those mass-produced “African style” baskets.

One-off pieces are special in that they carry with them years and years of experience and story. 

Products that tell a story

I hope to bring the stories of these talented artisans to a new audience who may not have considered purchasing one-off pieces or handcrafted pieces for their homes. These pieces are not out of reach and hold with them a rich story.

I also hope to inspire travel to countries that have not been on the map for many travellers, owning an object made by a women’s co-op in Ethiopia creates a beautiful special connection with these women.