Ethiopian Cotton Tablecloth – Red


100% Ethiopian soft cotton tablecloth woven in Addis Ababa by Salem’s, Ethiopia. 

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This 100% Ethiopian cotton tablecloth handmade by Salem’s Design, Ethiopia. Each piece made at the workshop tells a story. The cotton weaving is normally produced by male weavers. The cotton used is incredibly soft and should be treated delicately. I wanted to bring these Ethiopian products home to showcase the incredible work produced and the quality of the materials.

There is a beautiful deep red symbol and stripe pattern running through the cloth. The cloth can eve be reversed to reveal the opposite weave pattern.

When visiting Addis Ababa you will spot white cotton products all over the city, in the traditional clothing people wear. Weaving is an Ethiopian tradition that brings communities together.

Hand wash or machine washable on a cold cycle. Hang to dry.

L: 100 cm x W: 100 cm

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Dimensions 100 × 100 cm







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