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Little fires that soothe the soul

After a tumultuous year, comfort is something that we are collectively seeking, home has become a sanctuary to us more than ever. In 2019, it was reported that the UK candle market was worth £1.9 billion that’s how much we love to have that warm glow in our homes creating a scent that takes us away to another place.

Candles for me are an essential part of my home. I find them to be wholly relaxing. There’s something about that little flame, reminders of nights around campfires, the cosiness of an open fire. I have bought a lot in the past from brands such as Diptyque all the way to Uniqlo.

The scent is the most important factor, do you agree? There’s nothing worse than a candle that smells awful, no getting away from it. I find that small brands have the best-smelling candles, I think the care and attention are really evident here. Natural candles also have a much smoother smell. The synthetic nature of mass-produced candles is also quite bad for us. The chemicals released from some candles can be harmful if left burning for hours in an unventilated space.

The candles I have chosen below are from brands that produce small batches, each carefully made with a focus on organic waxes and scents. 

Our Lovely Goods

Born out of Aberdeen but with one foot in Nigeria, Our Love Goods are a shining light in the candle industry. They produce the most gorgeous smelling candles that also look beautiful. The scents are soft and inviting, smooth and warming. A family business, Ebi and Emmanuel started the brand from their home and have a passion for creating homes that are full of life.

Along with candles they produce skincare which is also organically made by hand. They have also launched woven products made in Nigeria by talented artisans with whom they work closely. It’s been such a pleasure to discover the brand as I think they really have such a large amount of warmth, care, and love for everything they do.

Please visit their website they have a great selection of scents, the glassware is beautiful and the candles burn really nicely. Don’t forget to reuse your glass too. They make for great little storage pots.

Oré mi

I came across Ore mi on Instagram and loved what Karen was doing. A one-woman powerhouse she makes beautiful candles with a focus on her Nigerian heritage. Ore mi is an expression that translates to “my friend” in Yoruba. The brand is focused on creating products ethically, and everything made is carefully considered, I love this approach.

Mental health and well-being amongst the black community are at the heart of the brand. Karen is focused on sharing a positive message about Africa and the African lifestyle, something that I identify with very much.

I recently bought a selection of 3 candles which are all beautiful. The scents are beautiful and complex and the bottles are very high quality, and lovely to handle.

Àníké TLC

I met Bisoye whilst visiting John Lewis and spotting her pop-up shop in the store. Bisoye along with Our Lovely Goods and Oré mi is a woman of Nigerian heritage creating her own independent brand. 

The Bisoye was on her way to becoming a UX designer in a high-pressure industry and did not prioritise her self-care. She wanted to create a brand whose focus was well-being and relaxation. Taking time out to relax and be thoughtful is at the heart of the brand. Along with candles, there are diffusers, teas, and self-care boxes to indulge yourself or your loved one.

The candles are made in small batches and feel as though they have been made with care, visit Anike TLC.