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African Museum at Bozar – Congo Artworks.

Whilst The Royal Museum of Central Africa is undergoing a renovation, the Palais des Beaux-Arts in Brussels became a hub for the museum to host exhibitions. The Royal Museum in Tervuren is focused on art from the Congo as well as parts of Middle, East and West Africa.


Sammi Bajoli, artist and exhibition curator.

Sammi was asked to create an art piece which would act as a welcome to the Congo Artworks exhibition. He saw the piece as something that would penetrate the architecture. The piece, which is hand-painted interprets an indigenous court in the Congo.

Congo artworks short film

The colours and detail of the work were extraordinary. It really was a piece which took over the architecture of the building and transformed the space. The handpainted nature is visible here, perfect in its imperfection.

a-useful-dream African photography

Bozar is a renowned centre for arts in Brussels which was completed in 1926. It is full of art deco details and is one of the most stunning buildings I visited in Brussels.

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