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Making our way down the Amalfi coast

I visited the Amalfi coast for a family birthday. After wanting to visit for years I finally had the chance to go. We drove from Naples airport and what a stunning drive it was. When you get a glimpse of that sea. Our first proper trip down the coast was the day after a party at our villa and I was feeling particularly sensitive. Not a good day to be hurtling down the windiest roads I’ve ever seen. Every turn feels like certain death. Especially when there are huge coaches carrying groups of tourists.

We visited Amalfi, Positano Sorrento and Capri.

The coast was everything I thought it would be. The trip with Rob Brydon and Steve Coogan informed my imagination of the coast. Fishing boats and restaurants overflowing with seafood and fish. It was a little chilly for that but I am planning another visit to experience summer on the coast.

The actual coastal drive can be done in a day if you set off early. The towns are close to each other but I would recommend limiting it to 3 to get a really good chunk of time in each town. Basing your visit around mealtimes would be the best. A town for breakfast lunch and a good dinner.


I was amazed by the precarious houses perched on the hills of the Amalfi. I’m sure the views are incredible from these hilltop houses and hotels. How lovely to wake up every day to those views.


The sunsets over the Amalfi coast are unbelievable, the whole area feels like a set created for a movie.

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