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This time of year calls for ultimate cosiness and the bedroom is the only place to truly indulge in that. It’s the only room where its main function is for you to rest in it and sink into softness. With that in mind, I have put together a few decor ideas to turn your bedroom into your favourite room in your home.

Images, where credited, belong to the owner and are used for reference.



It has been proven that avoiding bright lights before you sleep will help you to drift off much better. I like to keep bedroom lighting to a dim level just before sleep.

Adding task lighting to use just for your bedside table will avoid that bright, flat flood of light that comes with a large ceiling light. If you can add dimmers to your main light this will help to create a more relaxed mood. Photo via Pinterest (left).



If you have the space for a lounge chair, add one. It will take your bedroom from a room you just sleep in, to somewhere you might go to read or to sit before starting your day.

Find a chair that is upholstered in a tactile fabric that you’ll want to sink into. The more inviting the better. You could also add a little side table to display items. Photo © Paul Massey, Designed by Todhunter Earle Interiors (right). Photo © Banda Property (below).



The bed is the star here, it’s the main focus of the room. I love how Amanda Cotton has created an envelope of colour around her bed. Cocooning your bed in fabric or colour creates a feeling of cosiness and a focus on the bed.

A four-poster bed is a great way of creating a cocoon. Draping fabric over your bed is an affordable way to get the same result. Photos © Amanda Cotton (left) and Nikita Solenov (below).



If you ask me there’s nothing like stepping out of bed into a rug that’s as soft as a cloud. Adding a soft rug underneath your bed is a good compromise between a fully carpeted room and timber flooring. A rug can also add sound cushioning.

Make sure you choose a rug that is large enough to pop out from underneath your bed. If you don’t have space add a rug to the area you move around most i.e. in front of your wardrobe. Photo by Nicole Franzen for Athena Calderone (right).



I’m a bit of a curtain fanatic. I fully believe the curtains are a huge element to the feel of a bedroom when they are closed they account for a sizable amount of wall space. They should be soft to the touch, in the kind of fabric you want to just stand and stroke.

It’s important to make sure the curtain fabric has some weight to it if you want to have a fully dark bedroom when they are closed. Choose a track that the curtains will glide across. Photos by Kristofer Johnsson for Madeleine Asplund Klingstedt (left) and Blind Space (below).



A bedside table should be large enough to carry a lamp and other essentials you need by the bed. Make a list of items you need to hand, hand cream, mobile, remote? All of these will need to be placed on your bedside table.

If you can find one with drawers, that will help with storage. If not, floor baskets are a great way to add more storage. Photos © Depasquale Maffini for Studio Giancarlo Valle, owner/designer (below) Nicole Frazen for Jenna Lyons (right).



I’m a big believer in cushions and throws on your bed, add the softest you can find. Your bed should be somewhere you just want to jump onto.

Layer enough cushions to create a nice plump feel but not too many that’s its a task to remove them all when you want to get into bed. The magic number is 2 pillows and 4 cushions. Natural fabrics such as linen, cotton, etc will get even softer over time. and are warm to the touch. Gara Rock Hotel, Devon © House Nine (left)



There really is something special about the glow from a flame. Candles are such an easy way of adding that glow and filling your room with our favourite scent. Shop our candles here.

Light your candle just before starting to get ready for sleep, it’s always so relaxing to walk into your bedroom and feel the warm glow of a candle. Candles from Our Lovely Goods.

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