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Kintsugi Glass Repair

A short guide to my first glass repair

When I got an email from Fiona titled “Nan’s butterdish” I was immediately intrigued. Repairs that are sentimental are particularly special, they have a beautiful tie to the philosophy of kintsugi – Golden repair that continues the story.

I hadn’t repaired glass before as it is so sharp and could shatter even further. Fiona sent me a picture of the dish, it was pretty thick glass so I knew it wouldn’t shatter…I agreed to repair it.

I began the repair by mixing food-safe resin with gold and applying it to one side of the dish. I was surprised at how well the glass took the resin. I was such a heavy piece that the two pieces just took to each other.

The glass shows every inch of the resin so I had to make sure it was neatly applied. When the resin is applied it needs to reach both sides of the dish to ensure it’s fully sealed and food-safe.

After the first application of resin was dry I removed the excess and then applied the gold lines to decorate the dish. Due to the transparency, it was important to make sure it looked good from all angles.

A few finishing touches were added to clean up other chips and it was ready to send back to Fiona.

I was so pleased to receive a lovely message from her when the dish arrived back…“Thank you so so much for my lovely butter dish, you’ve made my day”

Emails like this make my day too.


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    Kintsugi Repair

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  • blank Edith Adams Allison says:

    Hello, I am looking to have a glass vase repaired. The owner (my son) lives in Islington. Are you open to this kind of repair? Would we bring it in, or maybe mail it? Thank you, Edith Allison.

  • blank Wendy Tindale says:

    Hello, I have a blue wedgewood vase which has been broken at the base and a bit around the top also. I have most of the pieces (in bits) but there’ll be some missing I think. I can send pictures. Is this something you could repair do you think?

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