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Introduction to ceramics workshop.

As a long time lover of ceramics, a friend and I decided it was time to dive into a ceramics workshop to refresh ourselves in this craft. We had both worked with clay previously in another life where we’re young and free art students.


We were each given a kit to work with, which included things such as sponges, cutting shapes and brushes to add colour to our creations.

We were shown examples of different techniques such as coiling, the slab method and working with clay on the wheel. Clay Collective are based under the arches of Hackney Downs. We were given a quick demo of how to work with clay and the various techniques and after getting used to the feel of the clay, off I went.

Clay Collective

Working with our lumps of clay which were begging to be formed into something unique was incredibly soothing and messy. I made 3 items which were all bowls.


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