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Sunday morning candle making workshop.

I am always interested to explore new crafts and have wanted to learn the process of candle making and creating a scent for a few years. After searching for workshops the Earl of East London workshop stood out as a candle company that is design-led and is beautifully presented. The workshop is held in their studio owned by Niko Dafkos and Paul Firmin. The workshop is a  brief introduction to each stage of candle making with the aim of creating our own candle built on the scents we preferred.

We were welcomed into the store and found our place at the workshop table. Over a glass of prosecco, we were introduced to the brand and the story of how Earl of East London was born.

The making process

Earl of East London candles are made from soy wax (derived from soybeans), this wax as opposed to paraffin wax which is derived from oil is sustainable and burns cleanly and slowly. We were given a small jar of pre-melted wax, which we poured into our jars and practised centring our wicks in the jar.

The wax is continually stirred to prevent it from setting. Wick in place we then moved on to scent, trying and selecting essential oils to create our own signature scent. This was then combined with the wax and our candle was finished and left to set.

One of my favourite things about the candles are the cute jars they come in, having purchased and used a few of the candles the jars are now doubling as toothbrush holder and they make great plant pots.

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The candles created by the brand are stunning, the scents are really well rounded and layered. They are just really lovely objects to have in your home whether lit or simply on display. They really come alive though when the wick is lit and that warmth of the flame comes through the brown glass jar.

A week after the workshop my candle arrived, of course beautifully packaged in a small dust bag.

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