My 5 favorite living and bath products this month.

Urban Apothecary: Home Fragrance

I’m not a big fan of sweet smells, I’ve always prefered more of a smokey, floral smell so this candle and diffuser from Urban Apothecary is perfect for me. I’ve always been a sucker for good packaging and design, it’s a nice treat to have things like this around the house. The fragrance I go for is called Smoked Leather, it’s quite a complex smell but just the right mix of smokeyness and vetiver.


Urban Apothecary London

91 Magazine

91 magazine is an independent interiors magazine created by Caroline Rowland in 2011. I’m so happy to have discovered it, in an age where interior photography is everywhere online, it is pleasing to actually have a physical object in your hands. It encourages you to take time out of your day and sit and read. The articles are a joy to read and the magazine is printed on quality paper and is not filled with page after page of adverts.


91 Magazine

Austin Austin: Hand Wash & Cream

Austin Austin was founded by Bessie and Richard Austin who are a daughter and father team. Their products are organic and all of their bottle are produced from recycled materials. As an avid user of organic products this brand caught my eye due to their minimalistic arty branding and the delicious smells of their products. Again not too sweet a delicate mix of vetiver and palmarosa. UK based, the brand are based in East Anglia and produce all of their products locally.


Austin Austin

Darling Clementine: Notes Sketchbook

I love stationery, I mean it was the only reason to get excited about going back to school, new stationery. I must own around 1 million sketchbooks at a guess, but this one by Darling Clemantin is my favourite. I was of course first attracted by the colour, but then really pleased to see that the paper felt great too. The brand was founded in Norway by Ingrid Reithaug & Tonje Holand in 2016.


Darling Clementine

Only Good: Body Wash

Anything with the words, 100% natural is something I always looks for when buying body wash. I don’t know if this comes with age but I care much more about what I put onto my body. Only Good comes all the way from New Zealand, the brand produce a whole range of products with gorgeous smells and no harmful ingredients.


Only Good

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