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Working with new artisans

Towards the end of 2019 and the beginning for 2020, I journeyed to Africa. I visited 6 countries: Ethiopia, South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe and then Morocco. It was a trip which was endlessly inspiring. The colours, textures, people I met, all were incredibly inspirational to me.

In Ethiopia, I met weavers making the softest cotton products I have seen. In South Africa, I met weavers who create stunning baskets, bags etc. South Africa has a fantastic scene of makers and craftspeople.

ethiopian textile tablecloth
oval basket home storage

The new collection features handmade baskets from Morocco, Ethiopia and Swaziland

Baskets are new for We Are Nomads. I wanted to introduce texture into the shop. The baskets I have sourced all have their own unique texture and are made of materials such as grass and palm leaf.

The Swazi baskets are made from Lutindzi grass. The grass is picked from the ‘eTjebovu’ & ‘Mantenga’ areas on the slopes of the mountains in Swaziland, dried out and then made into ropes which is then coiled, weaved and/or sewn or finger-knitted to create their baskets.

Crafted by hand

All of the new products I have sourced are handmade. At Salem’s Ethiopia, all of the products are made on-site. The textiles are woven mostly by men and the baskets are weaved by women. I love the fact that each piece made has the mark of the craftsperson who made it. I love the stories the products hold, a piece of the country in your home.

The new collection includes products I have not stocked before, mirrors, placemats and tablecloths. I intend to add further homewares items in the future so that every area of your home has decor which tells a story.

Brass mirror


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