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This is an ongoing guide to my favourite African brands that you need to know about. The continent is bursting with creatives and designers who are producing work that is exciting and creating a movement for generations to come.

Their work is steeped in history, leather crafts and weaving work have been produced in many African countries for centuries. It is fascinating to see these designers bring that timeless craft into 2021. Whilst the techniques don’t change the design does.

AAKS are leading the way with Akosua Afriyie-Kumi taking the art of weaving to new levels with colourful bags with fringed details and bucket styles.

I want to give a glimpse into the future of African design and celebrate the brands crafting a modern legacy.

Made in Ghana

Akosua Afriyie-Kumi created A A K S to celebrate the expert weavers of Ghana, the brand is focus on quality, colour and creating unique silhouettes.

Made in South Africa

Bambizulu, was created by Sinegugu Mchunu, granddaughter to Masterweaver Beauty Ngxongo. Weaving experts in the Hlabisa are given a platform to express their creativity and craft, creating works of accessories and decorative art.

Made in Nigeria

The Lagos based brand create leather accessories that are mindfully made to push against disposable fashion. Each piece is created to last a lifetime that transcend seasonal fashion.

Made in South Africa

The knitwear brand was founded by Laduma Ngxokoo and creates luxury knitwear inspired by the culture of the Xhosa people.


Made in Nigeria

Ebuka Omaliko works with artisans to create directional leather accessories that express his vision and soul. Each piece is carefully made form sustainable materials.