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It’s a bold move to go for a colourless scheme but when done right it looks so fresh and clean and is always stylish. Who wants their home to be safe. I think our interiors should reflect our style. Why not dress your interior up the way you do yourself, take inspiration from fashion, and make a statement. 

If you’re going for a monochrome interior, start off with one bold piece of furniture and build around that. The great things about this black sofa are that you can dress it up with layers of textiles or even by introducing another colour.

Another nice way to work with a monochrome interior is to add accessories to match the sofa. In this interior black lighting and wall frame, details match the sofa.

Photo: © Michelle Halford of TDC

I love gallery and library walls. If you have a wall and don’t know what to do with it, add some timber picture rails which you can paint black and add your favourite books and magazines to create your very own library. I’m positive you’re reading will increase if your books are more easily accessible.

Photo: ©Nina, Stylizimoblog

I’m a big fan of bold floors. If you’re going for a bold black really go for it, don’t leave the sorting boards and fixtures white go fully black. Mix textures. High gloss with rough black concrete is a great way of creating depth.

This black floor is stunning, the continuation of it up the staircase creates a larger feel and leads you through the space. Painting a timber floor is a great way of creating a unique texture and can really refresh a worn timber floor.

Photo: Oliver Yaphe

Kitchens are the hardest place to keep clean but with this kitchen, you will be desperate to keep it neat and tidy. Pick a matt finish over gloss, and go for a ratio of 1:3 in one colour.

White marble or black marble is a beautiful material for kitchens. It never ages and will last a lifetime. Dress up your kitchen by adding feature ceramic pieces on shelving or on worktops. Read the post on how to integrate texture into your kitchen.

Photo:  Monica Wang for Rue Magazine

Haus of Cruze

We spend a lot of time working so the space we working should be somewhere we want to be. This office space by Haus of Cruze is just flooded with light and the white surface beautifully reflects the light. 

Adding planting gives the space life and a warm rug creates more of a homely warm feel. 

Photo: © Haus of Cruze

For bathrooms white is always a go-to for a fresh bright space, mixing textures and introducing patterns is a nice way of making it feel less cold and sterile. In this bathroom, the floor tiles are textured which adds interest to large expanses of white or black.

The bathroom is minimal and modern with clean lines but I really love this floor and the softness it adds to this bathroom.

Photo: ©Drench